About Me

My Work

A self-taught photographer and filmmaker, I gravitate towards meaningful stories about people and place. I draw inspiration from the natural lines that shape a scene and the textured narratives that form a story. My experience as an artist painting watercolor landscapes has taught me the importance of composition and color in visual storytelling. My favorite compositions and narratives are those that show a powerful sense of scale or impact in a simple, strong image or storyline.

My photography and filmmaking work has received multiple awards both locally and nationally, and has been featured in numerous photography showcases and film festivals, including the Portland Film Festival, Friday Harbor Film Festival, Portland Alpine Fest, Hippy Tree 52 Weeks of Nature, Travel Portland, Oregon Wild and more.

My Story

As a rock climber, mountaineer and Oregonian, I have been privileged to grow up surrounded by classic Pacific Northwest beauty as a guest on Tribal lands. I am passionate about the social and environmental issues affecting our region’s natural resources, indigenous peoples, and communities. Through my storytelling, I seek to inspire audiences to feel the same sense of awe and humility that I do when out exploring and learning from these remote and well-loved places and their people.  

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